iPhone Application for hematology competency

CellaVision presents you with the perfect way to learn the basics of cell morphology. We now introduce an Application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices to compliment our digital cell morphology portfolio. The Application, CellAtlas® is an educational tool to assist in the recognition and classification of blood cells.

CellAtlas contains mini lectures in English written by experts in hematology. The Application gives you access to high resolution classified cell images complemented by a written description.

What is your cell score?
The Application includes the game, CellQuiz, where you can test your cell morphology skills by matching cell class to the right cell image.

The CellAtlas Application is available at the iTunes App Store in the Medical and Education categories.

Download your CellAtlas Application today!

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7 Responses to iPhone Application for hematology competency

  1. avatar Varda Deutsch says:

    When will the iphone application for sending images from the DM to the doctors on call, to the clinic, to peds, ER, transplanters and physicians off site. This will put DM light years ahead of its competitor the hemafax and it is a very simple application

  2. avatar Sharonanne Atkins says:

    Android application please!

  3. avatar dr. elnour says:

    the hematology cell atlas will help both students and teachers to improve their knowlage.

  4. avatar Edward Faralan ( Hematology Superv ) says:

    I would love to download to our PC for training and competency
    for all Hematology CLS. I am sure it will help them a lot.

  5. avatar Nancy Pabst says:

    Great idea but…..I supervise a lab in a major teaching hospital and having this app on an i phone is just not useful. When I was at the AACC several years ago I was given an education CD but was never able to figure out how to work the software. I think this would be a good teaching tool and competency tool if it was available on PC’s where students train and new employees train. I have seen the product in use at Vanderbuilt and was very impressed. I have requested the system for slide reading in our institution but no budget dollars yet.

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