Come and learn more about how to become best practice at ISLH 2011

Join us for lunch at the CellaVision workshop, Sunday, May 8 at noon and let CellaVision give you the tools to become best practice in cell morphology.

Attend the workshop and:

  • Pick up your free copy of CellaVision Competency Software and begin creating a lab full of experts.
  • Learn how CellaVision and your network can reduce patient turnaround time.
  • Learn how our systems will help you save labor that you will not have tomorrow.

See you at the ISLH May 6-8 at booths 115 and 116!

One thought on “Come and learn more about how to become best practice at ISLH 2011”

  1. I would like to register for the CellaVision presenation/luncheon on May 8th at the ISLH. How do I accomplish this?

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