The diagnosis for mystery case #3

The diagnosis for mystery case #3

We gave out the result:

21.0%                 Segmented neutrophil
0.3%                   Eosinophil
0.5%                   Basophil
61.7%                 Lymphocyte (With comment: “activated”)
5.3%                   Monocyte
0.5%                   Myelocyte
10.3%                 Other (with comment: “Atypical mononuclear cells with immature appearance (Virucytes?)) “

I called the department and asked if they suspected infectious mononucleosis. I have seen mononucleosis-cells before, but as I recall they look more like large, activated lymphocytes.

The answer was yes, and 2 days later, the diagnosis was confirmed by a positive Epstein -Barr test (EBV).

Normally we do not have this kind of “benign” disease at Rigshospitalet. Usually, we look for malignant haematological diseases.

In 1923, Downey divided the atypical lymphocytes into 3 types. But of … Read more »

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