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Our blog is created for laboratory professionals with a particular interest in hematology and digital cell morphology. Our aim is to inform, educate and inspire in equal measures - by highlighting interesting articles, sharing interesting patient cases and cell images, and presenting inspiring success stories from our community of CellaVision-users from around the world.

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Consistency in every slide with DIFF-Line™

The big idea behind our DIFF-Line solution is simple. We want to offer small labs a range of mutually supportive devices that establish a simple and semi-automated process for preparing and analyzing peripheral blood smears. A complete, safe, and easy-to-manage workflow underpinned by affordable and reliable devices, a DIFF-Line. Download the Concept Brochure >> Watch the Concept ...


Increased Confidence in Results

Performing blood and body fluid differentials using manual microscopy is a laborious and time-consuming laboratory procedure. It is also highly dependent on the availability of experienced personnel. These challenges make it difficult for laboratory managers to ensure consistency and safeguard testing quality. Learn more about the CellaVision DC-1 analyzer.


The quality of results with Digital Cell Morphology

Dr. Karan Paisooksantivatana is a Director of a Hematology Laboratory in a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. He started to explore the Digital Cell Morphology (DCM) technology with the CellaVision DM9600 in 2015 to complete the missing automation gap in the hematology workflow.                         “We ...


CellaVision DM1200 assisting the scientific workforce

Owen Jones is a Senior Biomedical Scientist and Training Officer at an NHS hospital in Scotland and writes about his experience with CellaVision.                   A committed microscopist with almost 40 years' experience of reporting cell morphology in peripheral blood smears, I viewed any machine-based attempts to identify ...


Easy Sharing of Lab Results with Digital Cell Morphology

Laboratories might need a second opinion on cell morphology to diagnose patients accurately. Communication between different labs needs to happen fast because any hold-ups might delay the diagnosis and treatment of patients. This is where the CellaVision DC-1 analyzer for digital cell morphology comes to save the day. How does it work? Well, first, a ...


Better ergonomics with digital cell morphology

The review of blood smears requires laboratory personnel to carefully study blood cells using a microscope, and then provide the information about what they see to a physician for diagnosis. Review of blood cells by lab personnel is straining work, with many hours spent leaning over a microscope. The CellaVision DC-1 analyzer for digital cell ...


The CellaVision Academy Q1-Q2, 2022 training schedule

As a CellaVision distribution partner, you have free access to a large range of instructor-lead, interactive online certification programs from the CellaVision Academy. Each certification program consists of a self-paced E-learning course, including a written assessment, and an online seminar, focused on practical application. You will become certified and receive a certificate for your records ...


Saving precious time with automated blood cell analysis

Millions of blood samples are taken from patients every day around the world to diagnose disease. These blood samples need to be analyzed in a laboratory and the faster this happens, the faster a patient can get a diagnosis and treatment.   The CellaVision DC-1 analyzer for digital cell morphology replaces the traditional microscope.   ...


Welcome to the CellaVision booth at MedLab Middle East

This year we are proud to display the CellaVision DM1200, which fills one of the remaining automation gaps in routine hematology testing. Designed to automate and simplify the process of performing blood and body fluid differentials, the system leverages high-speed robotics and digital imaging to automatically locate and capture high-quality images of cells. We will ...


Happy Holidays 2021 from CellaVision!

This year, CellaVision celebrates 20 years in sales, 5000 units delivered and 200 employees worldwide. As a result, we will donate 205, 200 SEK to Hand in Hand for the holiday season. Entrepreneurship is the engine of the world’s recovery. Our Christmas gift helps entrepreneurs in India, Kenya and Zimbabwe start sustainable micro-enterprises, support their ...


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