iPhone Application for hematology competency

CellaVision presents you with the perfect way to learn the basics of cell morphology. We now introduce an Application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices to compliment our digital cell morphology portfolio. The Application, CellAtlas® is an educational tool to assist in the recognition and classification of blood cells. CellAtlas contains mini lectures ...


Acute promyelocytic leukemia

A 36-year old Caucasian male without a relevant medical history was admitted to the emergency ward of a local hospital (Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Dordrecht, The Netherlands), because of acute chest pain. An anterolateral myocardial infarct was diagnosed (laboratory results showed: Troponine-T: 0,35 µg/L (elevated) and CK: 453 U/L (elevated)) and  the patient was referred to ...


Speeds up and increases accuracy

We purchased CellaVision because of the problems listed below, i.e. we believed in the importance of being able to create a networked, centralized service for blood morphology which would help us address the growing challenges of skill shortages and cost pressures while preserving patient safety. We have met these goals along with the additional benefits ...


Test results within 20 minutes

Nearly every visitor of the hematology laboratory at the Karolinska University Laboratory in Huddinge, Sweden is struck by how quiet and calm it is. While there is certainly plenty of activity by the analyzers, the atmosphere is calm and focused – an essential condition for correct judgment, reproducibility, and efficiency. The MD, Consultant Soheir Beshara ...


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