Come and learn more about how to become best practice at ISLH 2011

Join us for lunch at the CellaVision workshop, Sunday, May 8 at noon and let CellaVision give you the tools to become best practice in cell morphology. Attend the workshop and: Pick up your free copy of CellaVision Competency Software and begin creating a lab full of experts. Learn how CellaVision and your network can ...


Comparison of educational methods for medical students

Introduction Digital imaging is a useful tool for laboratory hematology education. Although digital presentations (eg. digital atlases) are increasingly common for medical education, interactive multimedia programs have not been well established. We therefore wished to develop a digital educational program of laboratory hematology for medical students, which is also utilized for proficiency testing. In our trials, ...


CellaVision in collaboration with Swedish IBL

CellaVisions is proud to participate in the education of future morphology specialists. In May the Swedish Institute of Biomedical Laboratory Science, IBL, organizes a course in morphological classification of blood cells. Helene Johansson, Section Leader Hematological diagnosis/Morphology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden, explains the course like this: “The three day course has a number of disease ...


CellaVision Software 3.1.1 upgrade

Our advanced cell morphology software now also supports Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), this applies for CellaVision Remote Review Software and CellaVision Competency Software.  Software version 3.1.1 is available for all our products: CellaVision DM analyzer, CellaVision Remote Review Software, and CellaVision Competency Software.  Where and how do you get it? Contact your hematology vendor to ...


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