Challenging the high volume of smears

Introduction The advances in automated blood cell counter successfully provide the precise data of WBC, RBC, and platelet counts with leukocyte differentials. However, the differential information by blood cell counters is limited for cell morphologic features especially for abnormal and immature cells, and the morphological smear reviews triggered by specific flagging of automated analyzer are ...


The diagnosis for mystery case #4

Lots of great comments for this case! The man had just got back from Africa. What you saw was great images of active Gametes of the Plasmodium Vivax. Many of you were spot on and recognized the Malaria parasites! If you have a case that you want to share on the blog don’t hesitate to contact ...


Mystery cells, case #4

CellaVision News Blast continues to provide you with unusual cell morphology cases. This month’s Mystery cells case presents a story about a man who walked into the Emergency Room  and told them he wasn’t feeling well.  He had just returned from visiting his family, where nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. After some initial blood ...


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