The diagnosis for mystery case #9

Really good input to the case! The man was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma. We thought this case was a good way to show you how you can work with the CellaVision Body Fluid Application and use functions such a tag a Region of Interest. Interested in learning more about the Body Fluid Application? Read more ...


Happy St Patrick’s Day

We like to wish everyone a happy St Patrick’s Day by sharing this special cell that was collected on a CellaVision DM96!


High score in Denver

At the CellaVision's DM analyzer demonstration and Cell Quiz at Denver Health, Co, the other week, Chelsey Sobeck managed to classify most cells correct, and a brand new iPad was handed over to her by CellaVision sales representative Scott Dunbar. Chelsey overpowered her colleagues with an impressive 345 CellQuiz points. Would be interesting to know ...


Mystery cells, case #9

The lab at the Samaritan Albany Hospital in Oregon, US, came across this patient case in their Body Fluid Application on CellaVision DM96: The pleural fluid sample was collected from a 70 year old male. The sample was cytocentrifuged and stained with Wright. Below you can see some of the cells that the lab found ...


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