CellAtlas update

There is a CellAtlas update waiting for you! In the new version of the CellAtlas app you can learn more about Other Findings in Peripheral Blood such as Auer Rods, Sezary Cells and Toxic Granulation. You will also find some nice improvements to CellQuiz which allows you to advance in your cell morphology quest. CellAtlas ...


Resolves skills shortage at small sites

– Why should a patient have to travel to a major healthcare facility when their blood smear can be sent digitally to our main lab? This conclusion was made by Tom Clancy at University Health Networks in Toronto, Canada, after testing our new cell morphology system for networked hospitals and associated laboratories this past winter ...


The diagnosis for mystery case #10

Thank you for solving this mystery case! You were all spot on. Yes, it is Platelet Satellitism. Thanks for sharing all the good suggestions! If you want to find out more read this interesting article about Platelet satellitism in a trauma patient.


Mystery cells, case #10

This is a rare finding that impacts mature neutrophils and can lead to pseudo-thrombocytopenia on a CBC machine. Notice that only neutrophils are impacted, other cells are fine. Do you recognize this rare phenomenon? The images were captured last month on a CellaVision DM96:


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