The diagnosis for mystery case #12

Great input from our readers as usual! The differential count for the sample showed: 7 % Neutrophils 1 % Eosinophils 1 % Basophils 87 % Lymphocytes, most of them Prolymphocytes 4 % Monocytes The patient was diagnosed with Prolymphocytic Leukemia Do you have an interesting case that you want to share on the blog? Contact ...


Mystery cells, case #12

Can anyone tell us the diagnosis? The cells in this case were collected from a blood film run on a CellaVision®DM96 at Northern Plains Laboratory Bismarck, North Dakota, US. The patient details are as follows: 84 year old male WBC 30.7 x 10^9/l RBC 3.72 x 10^12/l Hemoglobin 112 g/l HCT 34.1% MCV 92  fl ...


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