Be the Undisputed CellaVision Cell Quiz Champion!

        Let us present the current top three leaders! Jorge A Luque Rodriguez, 2350 points Henry Paz, 2300 points Heidi Andersson, 2075 points   We challenge you beat our current high score leaders. Will your name be on the list for October? Download our CellAtlas app on your smartphone. Try to beat ...


Cell Case #25

A 69-year old woman was seen at the emergency ward due to a routine check-up. The check-up showed a hemoglobin value of 7,9 g/dL. The rheumatologist performed routine check-up, since patient received methotrexaat (MTX) for her anti-CCP-positive reumatoid arthritis (RA).                   What is your diagnosis? Please post your ...


Results for Global Test A – 2017

Thank you to all of you that participated in our Global Test! We were glad to see that so many of you signed up to participate in our Global Test. The result is now available for all of you that participated. We could see  a few cells where the group had different suggested classifications. The ...


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