Diagnosis for Cell Case #26

Thank you for all your interesting posts and suggestions for CellCase#26! The Diagnosis for CellCase#26 is SMZL (Splenic Marginal Lymphoma) For more interesting reading about SMZL, check out this article: Click here >>                              Thank you for input – please don’t forget that ...


Cell Case #26

A blood sample from a 90-year old asymptomatic woman was analyzed. The result from the cell counter showed abnormalities.     The following cells were found in the blood smear:                   What is your diagnosis? Please post your suggestions. Download Cell Case #26 as pdf and share with ...


Diagnosis for Cell Case #25

The Diagnosis for CellCase#25 is Therapy induced myeloid neoplasm.                                 Thank you for input – please don’t forget that you are most welcome to contact us if you would like to share one of your interesting or challenging cases on ...


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