Undisputed CellaVision Cell Quiz Champion 2017

        Let us present the current top three leaders! Guro Archer Lauritzen, 3055 Heidi Andersen, 2790 points Jorge A Luque Rodriguez, 2350 points   This is your last chance to challenge our current high score leaders. Who will be the winner of the CellaVision CellQuiz 2017? Download our CellAtlas app on your ...


Diagnosis for Cell Case #28

Thank you for all you interesting comments and suggestions! The Diagnosis for CellCase#28 is AML Check out this article to learn more about AML: Click here >>                                      Thank you for input – please don’t forget that you ...


Cell Case #28

A 70-year old woman was seen by the hematologist on the basis of the following blood count: Hemoglobin: 8,8 g/dL; Thrombocyte-count: 13x10E9/L and a leukocytosis of 55x10E9/L. The following aberrant cells were seen in the peripheral blood smear.                 What is your diagnosis? Please post your suggestions. Download Cell ...


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