A software innovation that your IT Department is going to love

Today, CellaVision introduces a brand new software product, the CellaVision Server Software.  If you work in a larger organization, either within a network of affiliated labs, or within a single laboratory site that’s equipped with multiple CellaVision analyzers, chances are that your IT Department is going to get very excited about it.

The CellaVision Server Software has been developed to improve and streamline data access throughout a network, by transferring data from all connected CellaVision analyzers to a centralized database residing on a single server.  With a single shared database, slides processed within the network can be reviewed on a first in, first out basis and it’s no longer a necessity to maintain morphology expertise at all sites 24/7.

Not all of you out there have a need for this type of solution, but for those of you that work in a big lab, or a cluster affiliated labs, it might be a good idea to make your IT Department aware of this new software.

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Also, we would love to hear your thoughts on the challenges of accessing and sharing CellaVision data in a multi-site/multi-analyzer laboratory setting. What are your experiences and what are your initial thoughts about the potential of this new software product?

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2 thoughts on “A software innovation that your IT Department is going to love”

    1. Hi Daniel

      I assume your lab is currently utilizing the CellaVision legacy database product. The new Server Software was developed to enable multiple DM analyzers to utilize a single database faster and with greater efficiency. The new version utilizes a modern client server architecture and is able to host much bigger databases with sizes up to 200 GB. The Server software was released with CDMS version 6.0 which was re-designed to significantly improve overall performance for networks with low band width and/or latency. Remote reviewing a database from a distant geographical location can now be achieved without any perceived loss of performance.


      CellaVision PM

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