Summary of the global test: Biphenotypic Acute Leukemia

Thank you for trying out the global cell morphology test! Over 100 of you completed the test and you seem to agree on many things but there are also a few interesting findings to discuss. You were divided into two different groups and the average WBC agreement was 83% when comparing to the majority. One ...


Reminder: 3 days left on global cell morphology test!

There is still a chance to participate and compare your performance to your peers. CellaVision’s global proficiency test experiment will be open until Friday so there is still a chance for you to participate and find out how similar your differential results are compared to those of your peers. It only takes a few minutes! ...


One way to keep your cell morphology skills up to date

Take the chance to participate in CellaVision’s global proficiency test experiment and find out how similar your differential results are compared to those of your peers. The on-line test provided to us by Margit Grome from Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen contains one May-Grünwald-Giemsa stained slide with around 96 WBCs. The patient information for the test is ...


The winner of the CellQuiz Championship in Houston

We were glad to see that so many of you joined our CellQuiz competition at AACC in Houston. The contestants tested their morphology skills by matching cell class to the right cell image in just 60 sec. Congratulations to Pascale Akl, M.D. Assistant Professor, Associate Director, Clinical Chemistry at the University of Oklahoma, who scored highest and thereby ...


Can you find the nucleated red blood cell?

If so, don’t miss taking part in our annual CellQuiz Championship at AACC in Houston TX next week. The winner will be rewarded with an iPad. We will be in Booth #2545. Can you see the nucleated red blood cell among the cell images above? Come and tell us at the AACC show. At the ...


Collaboration with Equalis

CellaVision Proficiency Software to be used for external quality assessment of hematology analyses. CellaVision has signed an agreement with Equalis, the Swedish organization for external quality assurance of laboratory tests in health care. Equalis has chosen to invest in CellaVision new quality assurance program for differential counts of cells in blood and other body fluids, ...


Valuable customer feedback

We continually strive to improve customer satisfaction by listening to you and taking your valuable feedback into account when improving our products and services. We have now, for the third year in a row, conducted our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey in which we ask the CellaVision customers about their experiences. The 2012 survey was carried out ...


New program for proficiency testing

CellaVision releases a new powerful web-based program for proficiency testing of blood and body-fluid differentials! Make CellaVision® Proficiency Software part of your lab’s routines and see how easy it can be to conduct proficiency testing while saving valuable time and resources. The CellaVision Proficiency Software is quick to set up and easy to use. The program ...


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We wish all our readers a great holiday season and a Happy New Year. Hope to see all of you on the blog next year for more interesting articles and cases! Also this year CellaVision supports the Hand in Hand mission to eliminate world poverty through microfinance and job creation.


CellaVision Remote Review Software now Citrix ready

This October we are releasing a new version of the CellaVision® Remote Review Software that is now fully Citrix Ready. This new feature will benefit many organizations that are currently utilizing Citrix Systems for desktop virtualization, networking and cloud computing by providing confidence in joint solution compatibility. CellaVision® software that is Citrix Ready can now be ...


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