New updated CellAtlas App!

CellaVision has released an updated version of the CellAtlas App with new GUI, new images and texts. Get the App and try our new CellQuiz! /The CellaVision Marketing Team About the CellaVision Blog This blog is created by CellaVision for laboratory professionals with a particular interest in hematology and digital cell morphology. Our aim is ...


Be the Undisputed CellaVision Cell Quiz Champion!

Let us present the current top three leaders! Can you beat those points?! Alexander Sio, 1825 points Rigshospitalet in Denmark, 1360 points Zuhha Ashraf, 1340 points   We challenge you beat our current high score leaders. Will your name be on the list for May? Download our CellAtlas app on your smartphone. Try to beat the high ...


Cell Quiz Champion

We at CellaVision challenge you become the Undisputed CellaVision Cell Quiz Champion. Download our CellAtlas app on your smartphone. Try to beat the high score in our Cell Quiz. Take a screenshot of your high score and send it to marketing@cellavision.com Each month we will publish the names of the current high score holders. At ...


Study: Atypical CLL Identified by Digital Microscopy

Using digital imaging to identify patients with atypical CLL (aCLL) is feasible, economical, and may provide clinically relevant prognostic information at diagnosis and during periodic monitoring according to a new study by Steven Marionneaux at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY. Steven Marionneaux is Manager at the Clinical Hematology Laboratories, Memorial Sloan Kettering ...


New study shows potential benefits of switching to a digital differential WBC tool

A new study highlights operational efficiencies and improved consultation capabilities  for smaller laboratories using the new CellaVision Image Capture System for their white blood cell differential on peripheral blood smears.  “The major advantage of the CellaVision Image Capture System is the possibility for smaller laboratories to digitise their samples and have the analysis performed at ...


Looking for ways to improve the laboratory you are working at?

You can learn some ideas by reading the article about Teresa Di Francesco’s and Wendy Patterson’s work at the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program (HRLMP) and how it allowed them to build a centre of excellence for red blood cell morphology and white blood cell differentials. The HRLMP is a large regional laboratory medicine program ...


Great comments on latest case!

We got a lot of comments on the latest case and many of you were correct. This is Loa loa, based on the size, presence of a sheath, cephalic space, and presence of nuclei to the end of the tapered tail. Once again thank's to Joan Dolasinski at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in San Diego, CA ...


Body fluids attracted great interest in Denmark!

During one day at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark, Laboratory Technologist, from many hospitals in Denmark gathered on a Theme Day of body fluids (CSV, pleural, peritoneal and BAL fluids). The interesting topics presented and discussed were: Sample preparation, cell count, cell classification and differentiation. The use of Cytospin-preparation and Body Fluid software in CellaVision DM96 . Margit Grome ...


Help Joanne!

What is happening in this Cell? "I would be most interested to get views from my colleagues on what is happening with this cell." Joanne Melbourne, Deputy Lab. Manager Blood Sciences, University Hospital of Leicester, UK, wrote when she sent this unusual phenomenon to our blog. The patient details are: 65 year old male WBC ...


Norwegian time savings thanks to CellaVision DM96

Manual differential counts of White Blood Cells requires highly trained staff and is time consuming, especially samples with low leukocyte counts. A study performed by Akershus University Hospital in Norway recently showed that CellaVision DM96 is a reliable tool for differential counts and that the time consumed for performing differential counts can be reduced. The ...


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