Saving precious time with automated blood cell analysis

Millions of blood samples are taken from patients every day around the world to diagnose disease. These blood samples need to be analyzed in a laboratory and the faster this happens, the faster a patient can get a diagnosis and treatment.   The CellaVision DC-1 analyzer for digital cell morphology replaces the traditional microscope.   ...


Welcome to the CellaVision booth at MedLab Middle East

This year we are proud to display the CellaVision DM1200, which fills one of the remaining automation gaps in routine hematology testing. Designed to automate and simplify the process of performing blood and body fluid differentials, the system leverages high-speed robotics and digital imaging to automatically locate and capture high-quality images of cells. We will ...


Happy Holidays 2021 from CellaVision!

This year, CellaVision celebrates 20 years in sales, 5000 units delivered and 200 employees worldwide. As a result, we will donate 205, 200 SEK to Hand in Hand for the holiday season. Entrepreneurship is the engine of the world’s recovery. Our Christmas gift helps entrepreneurs in India, Kenya and Zimbabwe start sustainable micro-enterprises, support their ...


Result Global Test March 2019

Thank you for participating in Global Test March 2019! We were glad to see that so many of you signed up to participate in CellaVision Global Test. The result is now available for all of you that participated. The Examiner classification is based on joint results from three different independent morphology experts. The rare thing ...


Global Test March 2019

CellaVision Global Test is back!   CellaVision Global Test is a blood cell morphology test where Medical Technologists, Pathologists, Doctors, Students and anyone who loves morphology can take the same test and compare their result using the web-based software CellaVision Proficiency Software. The aim is not to see how well the participants classify cells but ...


Undisputed CellaVision Cell Quiz Champion 2017

        Let us present the current top three leaders! Guro Archer Lauritzen, 3055 Heidi Andersen, 2790 points Jorge A Luque Rodriguez, 2350 points   This is your last chance to challenge our current high score leaders. Who will be the winner of the CellaVision CellQuiz 2017? Download our CellAtlas app on your ...


Be the Undisputed CellaVision Cell Quiz Champion.

Let us present the current top three leaders! Can you beat those points?! Tiffany Clouston, 1135 points Kimberly Ingalls, 775 points Kent Stråhlen, 760 points   We challenge you beat our current high score leaders. Will your name be on the list for April? Download our CellAtlas app on your smartphone. Try to beat the high ...


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