Celebrating the 1,000th instrument in Southampton

Digital morphology became part of the daily routine work at Southampton General Hospital in September 2011 when the 1,000th CellaVision DM analyzer was installed at the laboratory. CellaVision representatives visited the lab, marked the instrument with a plaque, and celebrated this special event together with the lab team.

Hello Ian Howard!

What does the lab think of this special attention?
We were not expecting such attention, but it was extremely nice to welcome Peter Wilson and Yvonne Mårtensson to our laboratory. They came across as really caring individuals and offered us support with our new digital solution. The unveiling of the 1000th plaque has highlighted the new era of morphology that will have to be adopted at Southampton General hospital to keep in touch with progress in this field.

What triggered the investment?
The investment came about due to several experienced morphologist retiring from the department leaving us with a gap – hopefully replaced with the new DM1200.

What are the team’s impressions so far?
We are still getting used to using the DM1200 and running the old system in parallel until we have worked out the best usage. We can all see the huge benefits the DM1200 could offer the lab, such as standardisation of results and quicker checking of the morphology of the White cells.

Peter Wilson, Marketing Manager at CellaVision, Ian Howard, Section Leader for Haematology and Coagulation SGH, Amelia Fitzpatrick, BMS and CEO Yvonne Mårtensson, CellaVision.

The CellaVision DM1200 is marked with a plaque, identifying it as the 1,000th CellaVision instrument.

The celebration will continue when members from the lab team later on this year visits CellaVision headquarters in Lund, Sweden for a couple of fruitful days. CellaVision wishes Southampton General good luck with their new instrument and look forward to follow their progress within hematology.

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