Cell Case #25

A 69-year old woman was seen at the emergency ward due to a routine check-up. The check-up showed a hemoglobin value of 7,9 g/dL.

The rheumatologist performed routine check-up, since patient received methotrexaat (MTX) for her anti-CCP-positive reumatoid arthritis (RA).










What is your diagnosis? Please post your suggestions.

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22 thoughts on “Cell Case #25”

  1. Depending on the blastcount, this is a therapy related AML or therapy related MDS/MPN. If it is the latter one the classification is t-MDS/MPN-2, because of the presence of Auer rods.

  2. There appear to be both blast cells and promonocytes, with anaemia and thrombocytopenia so the likely diagnosis is acute monocytic leukaemia

  3. The cell is quite large. Nuclear chromatin is fine and folded.
    One of the other cells form this case appears to have auer rods.
    This case may represent a mono-myelocytic leukemia

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