Cell Case #28

A 70-year old woman was seen by the hematologist on the basis of the following blood count: Hemoglobin: 8,8 g/dL; Thrombocyte-count: 13x10E9/L and a leukocytosis of 55x10E9/L.

The following aberrant cells were seen in the peripheral blood smear.









What is your diagnosis? Please post your suggestions.

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18 thoughts on “Cell Case #28”

  1. It is highly likely to be an Acute case of a Myeloid Leukaemia. The blast cell picture posted here may have crowded out other cell line in the BM resulting in severe thrombocytopenia of PLT= 13x10E9, ⤵️RBC and as a consequence anaemia with HGB of 8.8g/dl.

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