Diagnosis for Cell Case #24


The Diagnosis for CellCase #24 is Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL)

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2 thoughts on “Diagnosis for Cell Case #24”

  1. Very interesting case. These cells have variable blastic features as well as nuclear folds and large size and high N/C ratio. The differential diagnosis would be acute leukemia, DLBCL or Bladtic Mantle Cell Lymphoma variant or T Cell Lymphoma(Sezary, ATCL, etc.). Because Morphology doesn’t lie but it can trick you, immunophenotyping is needed on the blood and a full Hematology consult with bone marrow studies. Very interesting case. These are the cells that are hardest to classy based on Wright-Giemsa cytomorphology alone.

  2. This could be a DLBL (Richter’s transformation) of a CLL considering the age and the gastric bleeding. The other possibility would be a B PLL because of the LKC and the morphology, prolymphocytes usually have a round nucleus with a prominent central nucleolus but morphology can vary.

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