Don’t miss the chance to see our two new products at ISLH

CellaVision is strengthening our market-leading portfolio with two new products: CellaVision DM9600 and CellaVision Advanced RBC Application. The two products will be introduced to the market as part of CellaVision’s attendance at the ISLH Congress, held this week in The Hague.  


The CellaVision DM9600 system is a replacement instrument for our flagship product, CellaVision DM96, designed for large laboratories.

New instrument the CellaVision DM9600.

The CellaVision Advanced RBC Application is a new and innovative application module that boosts the power our CellaVision system by delivering a pre-characterization of red blood cells into 17 morphological categories. It supports the creation of an effective workflow while offering a completely new way to review and analyze erythrocyte morphology.

RBC overview highlighted
View RBCs in a high resolution image, with the option to highlight one selected cell category.

RBC individual cells ZoomView individual RBCs grouped by cellular characteristics in a high resolution overview with the option to magnify and re-classify cells.

CellaVision Lunch Workshop at ISLH: “Get your RBCs in Shape”
In addition to showcasing the products on the exhibition floor, CellaVision will host an exhibitor lunch workshop titled Get Your RBC’s in Shape”. The workshop will offer a series of presentations from reputable laboratory professionals with hands-on experience from implementing the new CellaVision Advanced RBC Application as part of their hematology workflow.

One of the keynote speakers, Jürgen Riedl, PhD. Clinical Chemist at Albert Schweitzer Hospital, the Netherlands, says, “In the past 3-4 years, we have worked in close partnership with CellaVision improving the morphological analysis of blood samples in our laboratory in terms of quality of morphological assessment but also turnaround time.  In my lecture, I plan to give an account of our labs experience of/in working with CellaVision’s new erythrocyte application – a really exciting tool that opens up brand new ways to review and assess red blood cells”

Welcome to our exhibition stand to have a look at these two new additions to our product portfolio.  

Availability: On July 1 the CellaVision DM9600 becomes commercially available in both Europe and the U.S., with the CellaVision Advanced RBC Application initially available in Europe only. Both products will be sold by the company’s global distributor network. CellaVision will apply for the necessary approvals to sell it in other markets. 

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