Global Test March 2019

CellaVision Global Test is back!


CellaVision Global Test is a blood cell morphology test where Medical Technologists, Pathologists, Doctors, Students and anyone who loves morphology can take the same test and compare their result using the web-based software CellaVision Proficiency Software. The aim is not to see how well the participants classify cells but to highlight the differences in classification and reporting between countries all around the world.

All you have to do is to sign up here before 28th of February. The test will be released on March 1st and closed on the 22nd of March.

Click here for technical recommendations and instructions before start.

Register today and tell your colleagues and friends to join you!
//The CellaVision Team

5 thoughts on “Global Test March 2019”

  1. I have not received the email about the start of the 2019 global cellavision test. I registered in Feb and would really like to get started on the test. Could you send me the link so I can get started?

  2. I am registered for the 2019 global test, it March 1st and I have not received an email telling me how to access this test. When can I expect that information?

  3. I registered for the Global test but haven’t received an e-mail yet (as of 0700 March 2nd) although I received a “successful registration” email. I would just like to make sure I do not miss the Global Test

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