Mystery cells, case #2

This case presents a patient treated at a US hospital with the initial diagnosis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which was later on reevaluated. Do you know the cell types and can you suggest a possible diagnosis? Here are the patient details:

Here are the patient details:
65 year old male
WBC 1.3
PLT Count 7

The diagnosis will be revealed Wednesday August 10. In the meantime interact with your peers and post your comments below!

The cell images were collected on a CellaVision DM96 analyzer. Click to enlarge them.

7 thoughts on “Mystery cells, case #2”

  1. Very dysplastic neutrophils and lymphs, top row look immature I would have to wonder about AML or myelodyplastic syndrome perhaps therapy induced from chemo/radiotherapy for Hodgkins.

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