Mystery cells, case #4

CellaVision News Blast continues to provide you with unusual cell morphology cases. This month’s Mystery cells case presents a story about a man who walked into the Emergency Room  and told them he wasn’t feeling well.  He had just returned from visiting his family, where nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. After some initial blood work, the ER doctor asked him where his family lives…

Can you recognize the condition? 

The diagnosis will be revealed next week. In the meantime post your suggestion!

Images were captured on a CellaVision DM96 in California, USA.

29 thoughts on “Mystery cells, case #4”

  1. A non Plasmodium falciparum gametocyte with heavy haematoin deposits, Chromatin not visble. Gametocyte not totally filling red cell. Red cell appears fimbriated in photo on right. Band neutrophil showing toxic granulation. ? P. ovale versus P.vivax. Where has the patient been?

  2. My guess would be malaria – but this is normally examined at the Department of Clinical Microbiology in this hospital. I mailed the photo to them. And they said, that they were not sure it was malaria. And they added, that they would prefere to se more photos, before they gave a final answer.
    So I would suspect malaria – but send the slide for further investigation at the Dept. of Clinical Microbiology.

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