Mystery cells, case #9

The lab at the Samaritan Albany Hospital in Oregon, US, came across this patient case in their Body Fluid Application on CellaVision DM96:

The pleural fluid sample was collected from a 70 year old male. The sample was cytocentrifuged and stained with Wright. Below you can see some of the cells that the lab found and a part of a region of interest.

What do you think of the cells and the man’s condition! 

Image shows a region of interest with possible malignant cells.

21 thoughts on “Mystery cells, case #9”

  1. Typically, lymphoma presents as a solid tumor of lymphoid cells. Treatment might involve chemotherapy and in some cases radiotherapy and/or bone marrow transplantation, and lymphomas can be curable depending on the histology, type, and stage of the disease.,’^”

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  2. It is a malignant lymphoma.If the man is a non-African patient,he has this Sporadic type of Burtkitts lymphoma which is a form of Non-hodgkin lymphoma condition.

  3. Definately malignant cells. I think the nucleus is in lobes, not mitosis. Punctate vacuoles go along with malignancy.

  4. Agree, these vacuolated immature mononuclear cells are usually seen in patients with Burkitts lymphoma

  5. Does appear to be malignant cells.
    Cells display clear vacuoles as well as strong blue cytoplasm.
    Sezary cells a strong possibility.
    More history would be helpful.

  6. The deep blue cytoplasm and the prominent vacuoles suggest Burkitt’s lymphoma. Flow cytometry needed for diagnosis.

  7. These cells, appear to be immature hematopoietic lymphoid cells. Flow cytometry will be a valuble tool in this case. More history on this patient is very important.

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