New to the US market: Body Fluids

FDA has cleared CellaVision Body Fluid Application for use with the cell morphology system for medium-sized laboratories, the CellaVision DM1200. By using the application, clinical laboratories are able to analyze spinal fluid, synovial fluid and pleural fluid among other body fluids.

Ron Hagner, Vice President Sales and Business Development at CellaVision North America, explains how the product works and improve upon already-available technology:

“To analyze body fluids quickly and effectively is an ideal solution for many laboratories, especially as the supply of qualified Medical Technologists is in rapid decline. The CellaVision DM1200 automatically scans a cytocentrifuge preparation of a body fluid, locates nucleated cell and using Artificial Neural Networks pre-classifies these cells into one of seven cell classes. Additionally, it captures images of the entire cytocentrifuge sample spot allowing the MT to scan for malignant cells and mark and comment on “Regions of Interest” to facilitate collaboration.”

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