Resolves skills shortage at small sites

– Why should a patient have to travel to a major healthcare facility when their blood smear can be sent digitally to our main lab? This conclusion was made by Tom Clancy at University Health Networks in Toronto, Canada, after testing our new cell morphology system for networked hospitals and associated laboratories this past winter – the CellaVision® Image Capture System.

If you are a small lab performing up to 15 cell differentials per day and are not within easy reach of morphology expertise, you will most likely agree with Mr Clancy. Using your existing microscope, our Image Capture System helps you to find, focus and capture cell images and transmit them over your network to a CellaVision® DM96 or DM1200 analyzer in a main lab where the review is then performed.

This gives you the benefit of real time digital blood smear consultation for patients in remote locations and it helps you providing better patient care.

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* Launch: Beginning July 2012 (specific market availability will vary)

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