Results for Global Test May 2018

Thank you for participating in Global Test May 2018!

We were glad to see that so many of you signed up to participate in CellaVision Global Test. The result is now available for all of you that participated. The Examiner classification is based on joint results from three different independent morphology experts.

The challenge for this slide was the promyelocytes and blasts present in the sample and a difference in classification could be seen for these cell classes.

Discussion regarding differential count

Here are some cells that received different classifications.

The first cell was classified as a blast by the examiner along with the majority of the participants. A large group of the participants classified the cell as a promyelcoyte. What similarities can we see between these two cell types?









Image 1 Blast

The second interesting cell that we could see in this test was classified as a Promyelocyte by the Examiner and which the majority of the participants agreed with. However, two other classes were also represented for this cell, blast and myelocyte.









Image 2 Promyelocyte

On the third cell we have choosen to highlight that the majority had classified the cell as a Promyelocyte while the Examiner had classified it as a blast. Many particpants had also used a comment for this cell such as Faggot cell, Promyelocyte with Auer rod and Auer rod.









Image 3 Blast or Promyelocyte?

The aim with Global Test is to highlight the difficulties in blood cell morphology regarding differences in classification and reporting between countries all around the world, not to see how well the participants have classified the different cells.


The diagnosis for this test was APL (Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia)

There have been some questions from participants regarding how to classify the cells in our global test. CellaVision wants you to classify according to your labs guidelines and recommendations. The goal with CellaVision Global Test is, with your help, to create a discussion around blood cell morphology.

Once again thank you to all that participated! If you have a case that you want to share with us, please contact us here.

Look out for the next Global Test here on our blog!

/The CellaVision Blog Team


3 thoughts on “Results for Global Test May 2018”

  1. These cells would all have been counted as blasts in our laboratory with the comment “Abnormal promyelocytes counted as blasts”. When multiple scientists are reviewing the same APL patient on different days it helps with consistency. It gets really tricky when they start their treatment, the cells are difficult to classify as they mature. Using a similar method of including all abnormal forms in 1 class and commenting as such helps with consistency and speed of review. Interested in clinicians thoughts on this.

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