The diagnosis for mystery case #14

Impressing – A lot of good comments and answers on this case! The diagnosis The cells with a flower like pattern are as many of you wrote metastatic breast cancer cells. The patient has a history of breast cancer and unfortunately these metastatic breast cancer cells were now found in her spinal fluid. If you ...


Mystery cells, case #14

The laboratory at the Presbyterian/St.Lukes Medical Center in Denver, Colorado, USA, came across this unusual patient case in their Body Fluid Application on CellaVision DM96. A young female (oncology patient) came to the hospital for treatment which included a spinal fluid aspiration. The spinal fluid sample was brought to the laboratory and a cytocentrifuge preparation ...


Body fluids attracted great interest in Denmark!

During one day at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark, Laboratory Technologist, from many hospitals in Denmark gathered on a Theme Day of body fluids (CSV, pleural, peritoneal and BAL fluids). The interesting topics presented and discussed were: Sample preparation, cell count, cell classification and differentiation. The use of Cytospin-preparation and Body Fluid software in CellaVision DM96 . Margit Grome ...


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