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Everyone can become best practice in cell morphology with CellaVision Proficience Software. CellaVision Proficiency Software is a service to automatically assess the proficiency of your staff, while at the same time educating them to perform blood and body fluid differentials. Come and learn how in booth #4752


Mystery cells, case #10

This is a rare finding that impacts mature neutrophils and can lead to pseudo-thrombocytopenia on a CBC machine. Notice that only neutrophils are impacted, other cells are fine. Do you recognize this rare phenomenon? The images were captured last month on a CellaVision DM96:


New to the US market: Body Fluids

FDA has cleared CellaVision Body Fluid Application for use with the cell morphology system for medium-sized laboratories, the CellaVision DM1200. By using the application, clinical laboratories are able to analyze spinal fluid, synovial fluid and pleural fluid among other body fluids. Ron Hagner, Vice President Sales and Business Development at CellaVision North America, explains how ...


Mystery cells, case #2

This case presents a patient treated at a US hospital with the initial diagnosis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which was later on reevaluated. Do you know the cell types and can you suggest a possible diagnosis? Here are the patient details: Here are the patient details: 65 year old male WBC 1.3 PLT Count 7 HGB 7 ...


Test your morphology skills at AACC

Visit our booth #847 at AACC in Atlanta 24-28 July and win an iPad…plus: Take away a free copy of CellaVision Competency Software to test your staff back home. Learn how to put CellaVision’s newest educational tool, CellAtlas, on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Learn how CellaVision’s family of digital morphology systems can be networked ...


Mystery cells, case #1

Please tell us the diagnosis and the strange cells that are present! This post comes from our colleague Scott Dunbar, located in the state of California. He collects interesting cell images and sometimes he has unknown cases which he tries to find out the diagnosis. Going forward as his image library grows and he gets more ...


CellAtlas now available as Android Application

Wait is over. Our popular CellAtlas App for hematology competency is now out for Andriod mobile phones. Close to 4 000 laboratory professionals have already experienced this excellent educational tool and cell reference library. Download your free App today and learn the basics of cell morphology in a fun and interactive way. The App includes ...


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Join us for lunch at the CellaVision workshop, Sunday, May 8 at noon and let CellaVision give you the tools to become best practice in cell morphology. Attend the workshop and: Pick up your free copy of CellaVision Competency Software and begin creating a lab full of experts. Learn how CellaVision and your network can ...


iPhone Application for hematology competency

CellaVision presents you with the perfect way to learn the basics of cell morphology. We now introduce an Application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices to compliment our digital cell morphology portfolio. The Application, CellAtlas® is an educational tool to assist in the recognition and classification of blood cells. CellAtlas contains mini lectures ...


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