Come meet us at Clinical Lab Expo in LA!

Everyone can become best practice in cell morphology with CellaVision Proficience Software. CellaVision Proficiency Software is a service to automatically assess the proficiency of your staff, while at the same time educating them to perform blood and body fluid differentials. Come and learn how in booth #4752


Resolves skills shortage at small sites

– Why should a patient have to travel to a major healthcare facility when their blood smear can be sent digitally to our main lab? This conclusion was made by Tom Clancy at University Health Networks in Toronto, Canada, after testing our new cell morphology system for networked hospitals and associated laboratories this past winter ...


Celebrating the 1,000th instrument in Southampton

Digital morphology became part of the daily routine work at Southampton General Hospital in September 2011 when the 1,000th CellaVision DM analyzer was installed at the laboratory. CellaVision representatives visited the lab, marked the instrument with a plaque, and celebrated this special event together with the lab team. Hello Ian Howard! What does the lab ...


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