The diagnosis for mystery case #14

Impressing – A lot of good comments and answers on this case! The diagnosis The cells with a flower like pattern are as many of you wrote metastatic breast cancer cells. The patient has a history of breast cancer and unfortunately these metastatic breast cancer cells were now found in her spinal fluid. If you ...


Mystery cells, case #14

The laboratory at the Presbyterian/St.Lukes Medical Center in Denver, Colorado, USA, came across this unusual patient case in their Body Fluid Application on CellaVision DM96. A young female (oncology patient) came to the hospital for treatment which included a spinal fluid aspiration. The spinal fluid sample was brought to the laboratory and a cytocentrifuge preparation ...


New to the US market: Body Fluids

FDA has cleared CellaVision Body Fluid Application for use with the cell morphology system for medium-sized laboratories, the CellaVision DM1200. By using the application, clinical laboratories are able to analyze spinal fluid, synovial fluid and pleural fluid among other body fluids. Ron Hagner, Vice President Sales and Business Development at CellaVision North America, explains how ...


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