The diagnosis for mystery case #1

Thanks for all your comments and interest in our educational case based on our library of images. We recognized a lot of good answers for mystery case #1.

Nice job on the cells!

The diagnosis

CML with a large quantity of micromegakaryocytes (cells – 4A, B, C, D; 5A, B, C, D; 6A, B, C, D).

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Thanks and more to come!

3 thoughts on “The diagnosis for mystery case #1”

  1. I enjoyed this case. I have seen micromegakaryocytes that presented a reporting challenge; some techs wanted to call them lymphocytes. A real eye-opener, that’s what attracts me to hematology cell analysis. Looking forward to more cases!

  2. Is there more history for this case? If this is CML, is there a BCR/ABL1 rearrangement? The cells shown don’t seem typical at all of CML in early forms of the disease. Is this case in blast transformation? Thanks for the case.

  3. It is indeed very interesting to see photos of strange cells or cases. Thank You for an interesting case. I hope, that many will join this in the future.
    Kind regards Margit Grome, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen.

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